CIRQUS Nightclub Bar and Lounge

When it first opened in November 2013, CIRQUS Nightclub (formerly known as REHAB Bar & Lounge) garnered acclaim as one of the hottest nightclubs and patios in the west end of the Oakville, Mississauga and Toronto areas. With over 10,000 square feet of space, CIRQUS provided the very best in entertainment every Friday and Saturday night, with enough room to accommodate indoor and outdoor private events and parties.

CIRQUS Nightclub Bar & Lounge’s web, print, and social media marketing presence were entirely managed by Dion Rodrigues Design, in what was likely our largest client to date. Combining complete branding solutions from start to finish, including website design, advertisement designs, social media / email marketing campaigns and email hosting solutions, Dion was able to reach over 25,000 people through various mediums each week and successfully bring feet in the door of the club every weekend. With his diverse web / graphics skill set, Dion was able to offer CIRQUS a complete 360 solution for their brand without needing to outsource.

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Services Provided to CIRQUS

Dion brought a wide variety of services to the table for CIRQUS, including web design and development, branding, advertisement / graphic design services, web/email hosting, and extensive social media marketing, including paid advertising campaigns through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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