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B-Chocolate Cafe in Guelph Ontario Canada

Founded in 2009, B-Chocolate: Chocolates and Cafe is Guelph, Ontario’s premier chocolate shop and cafe, as well as the exclusive Neuhaus Pralines Assortment provider in South Western Ontario, a major honour and privilege. Their large selection of chocolates, sweets, and other treats offers every customer a mix of modern and old time excellence that everyone is able to enjoy. B-Chocolate honours tradition, while also incorporating an excellent mix of new ideas and new technologies to ultimately improve the experience of every individual who comes through their doors. B-Chocolate is often said to reflect an art of living, and to achieve this, they are guided by deeply held principles of quality and fairness, offering a wide selection of luxury pralines – freshly made in Brussels and imported on a weekly basis – alongside Belgian and local pralines, and Italian, French and Canadian treats that meet their high standards of quality.

A long time client of Dion Rodrigues Design, the team at B-Chocolate is a well known and respected brand in the Kitchener, Guelph and Waterloo area that is constantly re-inventing itself. Over the years, this process has included creating a multitude of modern and effective website designs, e-commerce solutions, logo types and branding materials.

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