JVL Enterprise Inc Search Engine Optimization

JVL Enterprise Inc Search Engine Optimization

JVL ENTERPRISE Inc. is a leading Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) distributor, providing Healthcare heroes in various fields with authentic and certified 3M N95 facial masks amongst other useful items, including an assortment of disposable products such as Nitrile and Vinyl Medical Examination Gloves, caps, face masks (3 Ply) , shoe covers, Sanitizing wipes, and more. Their clients include a wide segment of individuals in the medical sector, pharmaceutical sector, food and beverage industry, cosmetic suppliers and toiletries, hospitality sector, garment industries, and many more.

The team at JVL Enterprise Inc first approached us for assistance migrating their growing business website to a faster and more reliable web server, and from there, we worked together to develop a new overarching Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to help grow their position as a leading PPE source online.

Together, we optimized the JVL Enterprise websites imagery and written content, built out new content sections and information to help them improve their organic search rankings, and now are continuing to work together on a monthly basis, using advanced and modern Search Engine Optimization techniques both on and off-site, to keep bolstering their SEO performance.

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Project Type: Search Engine Optimization

Project Requirements: On-Site SEO Optimization, Backlink Building, Set up of Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Search Console

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