Weekenders Apparel Branding and Website

Weekenders Apparel Branding and Website

Weekenders Apparel is an up and coming clothing company headquartered in Ontario, Canada. If you love the weekend, then this is a clothing brand you will want to check out! The team at Weekenders is passionate about living life to the fullest and working hard, but playing even harder! They pride themselves on selling and producing comfy and stylish apparel while hustling for the weekend.

The weekenders team reached out to us in need of a logo, branding material, and some updates and modifications to their website. Together, we created a logo that suited their unique branding needs, customized their default Shopify template, built out new content sections and information on the website to help them improve their organic search rankings, and now are continuing to work together on a monthly basis, using advanced and modern Search Engine Optimization techniques both on and off-site, to keep bolstering their SEO performance.

Another unique aspect of the project was creating both an American and Canadian-specific copy of the website, template and products, in order to ensure order fulfillment could happen as quickly as possible and that shipping was local to each customer.

If you’re looking for comfortable clothing, you should visit their website and check out one of their many unique designs!

Project Type: Branding and Website Design

Project Requirements: On-Site SEO Optimization, Backlink Building, Set up of Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Search Console, Logo Design, Website Design

View This Project Online: weekendersapparel.com