Digital Marketing Hamilton

These days, it takes more then just a handful of social media accounts and a strong website to master marketing online – it takes a complete digital marketing strategy to stay ahead of your competitors and keep your business at the forefront of both new and potential, and returning customers’ minds.

What goes in to a modern Digital Marketing Strategy these days? To name just a few key components, a powerful online marketing strategy consists of:

  1. Having a Great Website with Amazing Content, and a Search Engine Optimization Strategy
  2. Being Active on All of the Major Social Media Networks (such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube)
  3. Paid Digital Media Buying (such as Google or Bing Ads)
  4. Paid Social Media Marketing (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube Ads)
  5. Effective Email Marketing, with Proper Subscriber Grouping and Segmentation
  6. Producing Effective Video Content, Marketing Your Services, Products or Customer Benefit

Although online marketing used to be a fairly straightforward process, it is now becoming a very crowded and confusing landscape, with a multitude of platforms to maintain and build unique pieces of content for. Let the experts at Dion Rodrigues Design help your small to medium sized business craft a digital marketing strategy to keep you ahead of the competition, attract new customers, and generate more revenue, like we’ve been doing for our many past satisfied clients for over a decade.

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